Interior Finishes

Space planning, interior design, project management, and installation services. You’ll have our team of commercial designers and project managers on your side to help turn your vision into reality.

Every client, every project has a dedicated team of professionals that see the process through from start to finish.  The concept is simple, don’t fragment responsibility and accountability and you ensure the best possible outcome for your clients.  Every one of our Account Managers and Designers are experts at every step of the process but each have unique strengths and experiences that can benefit you.  We take the time to properly match a team to your specific needs and project and assign a senior level Executive to each client, ensuring that your team has all the resources needed to surpass your expectations.  That is  our promise to every single client, regardless of project size or scope.

Some clients come to MEK very early in the process seeking assistance in determining how much space they need.  Some clients have already completed their search and are now interested in determining how to best utilize their new space.  Some clients have already been down the path with another interior company but want to make sure they are getting the best possible value. The point is that one size doesn’t fit all, just like every client is unique, so is every client process.  Regardless of where you are in the process, MEK can help.  We are experts at helping determine the optimal amount of space your organization needs, developing realistic budget estimates, advising on tenant improvement allowance levels, and assisting our clients in all aspects of their transaction.

Great commercial spaces don’t begin with great furniture, they begin with great design.  You probably have a good idea of what is working in your present space, and you probably know what isn’t working.  At MEK, we specialize in helping clients understand what is possible, how to align their space with organization goals, objectives and culture.  We know how to create workplaces that improve productivity, efficiency and workflow, encourage productive collaboration while eliminating unwanted distraction, attract and retain the best people and while creating an environment that looks fantastic…regardless of budget.

Of course, the first priority will be keeping your brand new office space looking brand new, a task easily handled by our dedicated clean-team. But looking beyond that, our project managers can help keep your workplace fluid and adaptable, able to evolve with the times to accommodate the next generation of tech-savvy, ultra-connected workers. With their advice, your office space can make the shift gradually towards a more integrated, collaborative environment, with minimal shock to your existing employees.